Sheretta Golladay, a.k.a the Sparkle Queen is known for uplifting, encouraging, empowering and serving women across the world.  She serves as Pastor alongside her husband Pastor James D. Golladay, III at Word of Wisdom Christian Ministries (WOWCM) and she is very active in the ministry as a whole.  She travels around the world (locally and internationally) ministering  to women and young girls at various conferences, workshops, special events and churches.  She is a mentor, collaborating author, and founder of the “Recapture Your Sparkle” movement.  She is an entrepreneur, most recently having launched her new inspirational cosmetic line, “Sparkle, Girl!, The Lip Shine Collection by Sheretta” a.k.a “Sparkle, Girl! Cosmetic Line” at the 2014 Sparkle, Girl! Empowerment Getaway. She is affectionately known as “The Sparkle Queen,” teaching women around the world to arise and shine, radiating from the inside out and encouraging others to do the same.   She has been preaching and teaching for over 27 years assisting in bringing people to a place where they understand God’s original design and empowering them to press pass their past and present, to experience victory daily.  She has a passion for women and a heart of God, full of vision, love, wisdom and faith.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Divinity from New Hope and Life School of Religion & Seminary and is currently studying Psychology (Life Coaching) at Liberty University.  She resides in Upper Marlboro, MD.  She’s been happily married for 27 years, and has two adult-children, Michaylin, David, and granddaughter named Madison.