Sparkle, Girl! Cosmetic Line is not simply about the makeup. Although the makeup is beautiful, enhances your natural beauty, feels amazing, and is long-lasting; it is foremost an inspirational line with you in mind.  The names of each product serve as reminders for you to sparkle and carry within them the attributes of what it means to let your light shine.

Lip Shine is Mineral Based and Paraben Free.

Sparkling in Health is so important to me because of the health challenges that I have experienced.  Once I realized that I could do more than pray about my situation and actually do something to change it, I did.  It is time that we get intentional about our health.  The Word of God promises us health/wellness and long life.  This promise doesn’t come without our participation. We must do everything within our power by giving our bodies the things that are needed.  These are products that I use daily in my own health/wellness journey that have been and continue to be greatly beneficial.

Sparkle, Girl is committed to provide accessories an various inspirational items that further remind you to shine.  We’ve got it all covered!